Chris Jericho Discusses Extending His Latest WWE Stint By Three Months


Chris Jericho told Live Audio Wrestling the plan was for him to return to WWE for five months and leave at the end of May.

"I went to Connecticut to meet with Vince [McMahon] last year after SummerSlam and my plan was to come back in December, do the month of vignettes, then work January to the end of May, and then in June we were supposed to embark on the tour for 'Sin and Bones,' because originally it was supposed to come out in June," Jericho said.

"Then when I found out that the record wasn’t going to come out until mid-August, I said, 'Well, I’ll stay for another three months, until the end of August.' Until SummerSlam, basically. I kind of re-signed and extended my deal for another three months at the beginning of May."

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

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