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Chris Jericho On Why John Cena Shouldn't Turn Heel, Why He's Glad The Brand Extension Is Over, More

Chris Jericho recently participated in a Q&A with IGN and spoke about why he's glad the brand extension is over, his favorite match, when Vince McMahon nixed a potential entrance music change & more. He also spoke on whether he was in favor of a John Cena heel turn in the following excerpt:

No, I think that's the prevailing attitude amongst a lot of Internet fans, but they're not thinking of the big picture - the amount of merchandise Cena sells, which I think is probably 5-to-1 to the closest competitor, and the people that like to chant "Cena sucks," half of them are wearing Cena shirts. And just all the work he's done. He's the most requested Make-A-Wish guy ever, more than anybody else, so those are the type of things you think about more than just having him turn heel. And the funny thing is, if he did turn heel, all of the people that said he sucked would be cheering him anyways, so sometimes Internet fans make me laugh at their immaturity, which is worse than mine - at their lack of knowledge.

The video is available at this link and embedded below:

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