Chris Jericho Does Not Care For Part-Timers Who Don't Go On The Road

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Chris Jericho

Despite being a part-timer, Chris Jericho has some rather strong opinions on part-time wrestlers making their returns to WWE. Jericho sees himself as a different kind of beast so to speak as he does come back for a short period of time but when he does that, he always goes on the road to work as many dates as possible rather than working a couple of PPVs here and there and isolated RAW dates. He identified himself as an anti-Brock Lesnar type. He did entertain the idea of doing another run where he would just work live events again though.

“No, I won’t do it because that’s not the way it should be. When you’re there, you should go on the road. That’s how you help guys to learn. That’s how I got better. This whole year I got way better because of working with the younger guys, who then were learning from me as well. They need that. And it was a great year with just an awesome locker room, great people, lots of fun. I had as much fun out of the ring as I did in the ring. And in 2015, all I did was live events. I didn’t do TV at all. It’s like the anti-type Brock Lesnar. I wouldn’t have a problem doing that either. Maybe I’ll never go back on TV again. Maybe I’ll just do live events.”


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