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Chris Jericho Reveals He Is Leaving WWE After Wrestlemania 33

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Chris Jericho

In an interview with, Chris Jericho revealed that he will be leaving sometime in May of this year which would position his departure sometime after Wrestlemania 33. According to Jericho, he wants to focus more on Fozzy, which is nearly impossible with a full-time WWE schedule.

“It’s time to get back into Fozzy and there are a couple of other projects I’ve got going on because I don’t do WWE part-time, I do it full-time. I come and go, but when I’m working there I’m definitely a full-timer. There will be no wrestling from May, you don’t do both at the same time. I’ve had a great year which has gone way longer than it was supposed to. It was only supposed to be four months, then it got extended to eight, then 12 and 16. Wrestling will go on hold for a while which is the way I’ve been doing it since 2010.”

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