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Chris Jericho Says He Never Asked CM Punk For Interview After He Quit WWE

Chris Jericho recorded a video response to comments made by CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s podcast while backstage at Sunday night’s Fozzy concert at Trees in Dallas, Texas.

Jericho said Punk’s comments [on the podcast as a whole, not in regards to him] were revealing and prefaced his response by stating they are “very good friends.” Jericho said he always considered Punk to be one of his better friends in the wrestling business so he was a little surprised by his comments. Jericho stated he hadn’t spoken to Punk since February but he never asked him to do his podcast after he quit WWE.

Jericho said he asked Punk to do his podcast back in December when it first started. They were actually planning on doing it on December 18, 2013 but when Jericho called Punk, he pulled out. Recalling the conversation, Jericho stated that Punk said he didn’t have anything good to say about wrestling. He asked if they could talk about “comic books or whatever.” He didn’t want to do it.

After Punk left WWE, Jericho said he never asked him to do his podcast. He said WWE asked Punk to do Jericho’s podcast in January because he had given them a list of names that he wanted on his podcast. Once again, Punk wasn’t into doing it. He said he texted Punk a couple of times since but his messages didn’t really have anything to do with wrestling.

Jericho said other people could have been plotting him to try and get information from him but he never did. He has no ill will towards Punk and still considers him a friend. Jericho said he’ll discuss the matter further on his podcast this week. Jericho reiterated he never had an agenda with Punk because he never asked him to do the podcast after he left WWE nor did he ask him any questions about why he left. He said he had some feelings about why Punk did it because he kind of did the same thing in 2005.

You can watch Jericho’s response at this link or embedded below:

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