Chris Jericho Talks WWE Return, Loving The UK, Highlight Reel On Smackdown


Chris Jericho is featured in this week’s sit-down kayfabe interview with Michael Cole. Below are the highlights:

Jericho said he was invited by WWE to do the tour to strengthen up some of the shows and he’s always happy to do that. He loves the UK crowds. Cole mentions that he’ll be part of this week’s Smackdown.

Cole put over Fozzy’s “Do You Wanna Start A War Tour” and Jericho said the record has done very well in the US. Jericho talked about the UK being Fozzy’s second home and how much he loved the UK and Ireland.

Chris Jericho talked about promoting his new autobiography through social media. He understands how important Twitter is and loves the connection he has with fans and instant feedback that he gets. He said it’s the same with a book, a Fozzy record or a WWE match. Jericho admitted he might use Twitter too much. And not just Twitter but Facebook, Instagram, Tweet Secret, etc.

Cole promoted The Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and The Authority on this week’s Smackdown. Jericho talked about Team WWE vs. The Alliance and turning on WWE just to get to The Rock. Jericho played up if Ryback could be trusted. He talked about Team Austin vs. Team Bischoff.

When asked for a prediction for Team Authority vs. Team Cena at Survivor Series, Jericho said the response Cole would expect is he wants Team Cena to win but he doesn’t know who takes over if they win. He knows that he gets with Team Authority. Jericho doesn’t want the Authority to lose power and talked about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. He doesn’t know what he’s getting if Cena wins.

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

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