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Chris Jericho On Wearing Sin Cara Mask: 'FU To The Internet'

Chris Jericho Sin Cara Mask

Chris Jericho explained in his latest podcast that him coming out in the Sin Cara mask during the main event of this week's Raw was a shot at the Internet Wrestling Community - not Sin Cara. According to Jericho, Sin Cara is a good buddy of his and actually lent him the mask for the run-in.

Jericho vented that it was an:

"FU to the internet community that knows everything but doesn't know s--t."

This all goes back to the now infamous incident on WWE’s most recent international tour earlier this month. Sin Cara, who traveling with the Raw crew, was making noises on their chartered bus. With everyone tired and focused on the task at hand (performing their dates), he was asked to stop. Jericho was a bit more forceful about it and Cara told him to “f—- off,” which sparked a verbal exchange.

When Sin Cara threw a punch, Jericho retaliated and there was a pull apart. We’ve heard varying accounts of Jericho biting Cara, from in the face to on the arm to none at all.

Sin Cara was thrown off the bus and has been blackballed by the WWE locker room ever since. He came close to losing his job but was instructed by WWE management to participate in anger management classes. It’s Cara’s second incident of the year as he was involved in a backstage altercation with Simon Gotch over the summer.

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