More On Chris Jericho/Sin Cara Altercation And Location Of Biting

Chris Jericho

The altercation between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara occurred while the Raw roster was traveling from Leeds, England to Glasgow, Scotland. According to F4WOnline.com, Cara was making annoying noises on the tour bus and was told by several people to stop.

Chris Jericho, in a more forceful manner, instructed him to stop. Cara told him to "f--- off" and an altercation took place. Sin Cara threw a punch before others jumped in to break it up. According to this report, Jericho bit Cara's finger during the pull-apart. Cara was kicked off the tour bus.

A previous report by PWInsider.com had indicated that Jericho bit Cara in the face.

We've heard there is a lot of heat on Sin Cara over the incident to the point where his job could be in jeporady.

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