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More On Christian Possibly Suffering Another Concussion, Heat On Alberto Del Rio

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For those that missed the news on Tuesday evening, Christian was pulled from the Intercontinental Championship match on this week's live episode of WWE Main Event shortly before the show went live on WWE Network. The company claimed it was due to a "slight concussion" and another number one contenders bout was booked to open Main Event, with Dolph Ziggler going over and challenging Big E later in the broadcast. Big E went over to retain the title.

Christian's injury happened in a Fatal 4-Way match on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, where he went over against Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and Ziggler. Del Rio had two notable botches. One on a missed enziguri kick and another where he kicked Christian in the back of the head.

We're told Del Rio was given a lot of grief backstage over the botches and it appears one of them has cost Christian yet another injury.

What's even more concerning is that Christian missed 5 months after suffering a concussion in a match against Randy Orton on the August 26, 2013 episode of Raw. He didn't return until late January and appeared to be just getting back in the swing of things.

It's worth noting we haven't received independent confirmation that Christian's injury is legitimate and there is still a chance WWE's claims could be kayfabe but the former is more likely given the botched kick, change in booking plans and Christian's concussion history.

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