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Christopher Daniels Comments on Samoa Joe in WWE, Lesnar Match & More

Samoa Joe

Former ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels was interviewed by USA Today and said the following regarding some thoughts on Samoa Joe - his match against Lesnar this Sunday at Great Balls of Fire:

“I’ve been in there with Joe there before and I knew I was going into a match where I was going to get roughed up. I think when you go in with Brock Lesnar that’s what happens, too. If anybody can take the punishment that Brock Lesnar can dish out, it’s Joe. I think this will go a little bit longer than Brock’s recent pay-per-view matches and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Samoa Joe with his hand raised. Joe’s gotten the upper hand in the last few encounters. That might be something Brock is not used to. Joe almost choked him right out on the stage on one of the last RAWs. I don’t think Brock’s been in that situation. It’s going to be interesting to see how Brock responds to someone ‘out-Brocking’ him.”

He talked about Joe's initial signing with WWE:

“I feel like he knew it was the right choice to make (to sign with WWE) because there were going to opportunities there. His mentality was, go in and take what they give you to do and prove that you’re capable of doing even more than they thought. That’s what he did. He went in and took exactly what they gave him and gave them back 10 times more than expected.”


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