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Chyna's Brain To Be Donated To Concussion Research? Prescription Medication Found

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A plan is in place to donate Chyna’s brain to Dr. Bennet Omalu, the doctor played by Will Smith in the movie “Concussion,” her manager told the New York Daily News last week.

“We want to donate her brain. We want to know what made Chyna tick," manager Anthony Anzaldo said.

There had already been contact with Chyna before her sudden death last week about joining a brain injury lawsuit against WWE. Her manager said they weren’t interested in the litigation but intrigued by the science.

"When she died, they called me again and asked, 'Can we have her brain,'" Anzaldo told The News. "My hope is that we can do it. I'm in the process of getting the permission to speak on behalf of family to tell the coroner it's okay to release it.”

Chyna was actually found by Anzaldo on Wednesday and he said cameras were rolling -- they had been filming a documentary -- because he was unaware she was dead.

"Me walking in was shot. I would never show me finding her, but you might hear me," he revealed to The News.

Anzaldo reportedly found Chyna in her bed with two prescription bottles in the room. One for Ambien and the other for Xanax.

"There was nothing illegal. No alcohol. It was just those two prescriptions she was legally taking," he told The News. "I saw no indication of foul play, no vomit, no blood. She was just lying there peacefully. Of course she's had issues and posted things (online), but I just don't think it was intentional.”

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