CM Punk And The Rock In Dispute Over Who Has The Top-Selling Shirt


The Rock posted that his "Boots to Asses" shirt is "the #1 selling shirt in the WWE Universe" on his official Facebook account today. Soon after, CM Punk retweeted the following tweet on his Twitter account:

The Rock comes up with another lie..Claiming his shirt is the most sold in WWE. We all know it's the @CMPunk T-Shirt, that's most sold.

As of writing, the top selling shirts on are as follows:

1. CM Punk "Best In The World" shirt
2. John Cena "Persevere" shirt
3. Randy Orton "Apex Predator" shirt
4. The Rock "Team Bring It USA" shirt
5. John Cena "Rise Above Hate" shirt
6. The Rock "Boots To Asses" shirt

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