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CM Punk Appears On The Jim Rome Show

The media blitz for CM Punk's UFC signing continued today on the nationally syndicated radio program, The Jim Rome Show.

• Punk stated in the interview that he discussed with the UFC on how to introduce the decision to sign him to the world. One possibility was to utilize The Ultimate Fighter as a vehicle for his introduction. He stated that there was mutual interest between the UFC and himself.

• He highlighted his background in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing.

• He stated that life is about challenging yourself, taking a risk, and living life to the fullest. He hoped that he inspired people who have been told they can't do something.

• He doesn't expect people to sugarcoat their comments and he understood that fighters would be upset.

• He said that too much emphasis is put on belt rankings and that his training has been consistent.

• The current plan is for him to train for about six months and then see where he's at. He said he would utilize "CM Punk" as a type of nickname. He believes the adrenaline rush entering the Octagon will be the same as entering the wrestling ring.

• He stated that he's never used drugs and that he gets a high from performing in front of people under pressure.

• One funny thing from the interview was that he referred to Rome as "Mike" twice. Rome countered with "DM" after the interview.

• After the interview, Punk was invited to square off against former UFC fighter, Chael Sonnen, in Rome's annual "Smack-Off." The "Smack-Off" is a full show dedicated to trash talking between callers. Sonnen is a two-time Smack-Off Champion.

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