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CM Punk Discusses Writing The Foreword For Avengers vs. X-Men Comic has a new Q&A online with WWE Champion CM Punk where he discusses writing the foreword to the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book. Below is an excerpt from the piece with Punk giving his thoughts on what it was like to write the introduction:

It’s a geek dream come true! Initially I had a bunch of ideas I was going to write for it, and then I just bought a keyboard for my iPad which I thought would have been easier. After a week of learning how to use the stupid keyboard, I just sat in front of it and started typing. It came to me so naturally and before I knew it, I had two pages of material. Stuff would just spill out of my head and I would just read it over and over again, then correct it, then read it, correct it, all as I went along. I’m not sure if that’s what most writers do, but I’m happy with the finished product. So to write the foreword, I was kind of taken back by it. It was a very cool thing to be a part of.

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