CM Punk Discusses The Highlight Of His Career & Why He Admires John Cena; Sabu Added To WWE Alumni


CM Punk recently took part in an interview with the Southtown Star, promoting his appearance at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con this weekend. In the following excerpt, he names the highlight of his career:

QUESTION: What was going through your head when you won the WWE champion belt last November?

CM PUNK: It was the highlight of my career. It’s like college graduation, your wedding, winning the Super Bowl and a retirement party all in one.

He also discusses who he admires in the WWE today, in the excerpt below:

Q: And of your contemporaries, who do you admire now?

CMP: I admire just about anybody for various reasons. Everyone has traits that I admire.

You’ve got to admire John [Cena] for all the work he does with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, though. The WWE likes to broadcast his involvement with Make-A-Wish, and they should.

“I know how many of their events I do and how many John does, and there is no comparison.

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-Sabu has been added to the Alumni section of the official WWE website. Click here to view his page.

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