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CM Punk Doesn't Want To Talk About WWE, Focused On MMA Debut


Kevin Wong interviewed CM Punk for a piece that was published today on Punk seemed to get a little upset over the line of questions but we’ll include the highlights below:

Talking about WWE:

“I don’t feel like fielding questions about it [WWE],” says Punk. “I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’ve accomplished everything I was going to.

If he is working on anything he would like to improve on:

“I work on everything,” he says.

“It’s a boring answer, because it’s kind of a boring question,” says Punk, making eye contact for the first time since we were introduced. “This is mixed martial arts. I’m not in there one day, working on one specific thing, I’m in there everyday, working on everything. My defense, my wrestling defense, my striking defense. And not only do you have to defend, but you’re being judged by three people who don’t always see what other people are seeing.”

Going from WWE — where the action is scripted — to UFC:

“I get this question a lot, and it’s like you guys think I’m an idiot. Like I didn’t know MMA wasn’t pre-determined or something like that,” says Punk. After a pause, he gives me side-eye. “Have you ever tweeted at me, ‘Hey, do you know what you’re getting into?’”

“I never have.”

“Okay. It sounds like you might have.”

“I don’t mean to put you on the defensive…”

“I’m not on the defensive. Your question is insulting. You’re asking me if I know the difference between the WWE and the UFC?”

“That’s not what I’m asking.”

“That’s exactly what you’re asking.” When he’s asked how he might respond to fans who question his motives for going into MMA, wonder if it is a publicity stunt, or wonder if he’s ever going to fight, he pushes back again. Now, he’s no longer smiling. “You say my fans say that? You’re mistaken. My fans do not say that. I wouldn’t say anything to them [my critics]. I don’t justify stupidity with an answer. I don’t give a shit what anybody thinks of me, whether I’m going to fight or not. I know what I’m going to do.

“If I did anything in my life based on someone’s negative opinion on me, I would never fucking leave my house. My fans are people who don’t tweet negative shit at me.”

CLICK HERE to read the piece on in its entirety.

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