CM Punk Drops Pipe Bomb On WWE's Partnership w/Susan G. Komen

CM Punk Pipebomb

CM Punk dropped a pipe bomb on WWE’s partner for breast cancer awareness in Susan G. Komen on Twitter during the airing of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. “If you're going to give money to a company that claims to raise money for finding a cure for cancer, please do some research. Komen is a scam,” Punk tweeted.

Read: CM Punk Calls Out WWE’s Partner For Breast Cancer Awareness, Tweets “Komen Is A Scam”

Some people immediately started calling out Punk for the WWE connection, even though he didn’t mention professional wrestling. Punk, who isn’t shy to defend himself, tweeted back, “@MrCreepyBoss I'm talking about people collecting money for themselves in the name of breast cancer and you're talking about fake wrestling.”

The “fake” wrestling comment was almost certainly made to irritate the segment of WWE’s fanbase that gets offended when someone uses the F-word. UFC president Dana Whitecame under fire in August when he tweeted, “fake shit should be 9.99.”

Aside from all that, CM Punk’s claims are not without merit.

The Houston Chronicle published an article on Monday, titled, “Here's why the NFL's annual pink campaign does almost nothing to fight breast cancer” and specifically mentions Susan G. Komen. That piece brings up the advocacy group Breast Cancer Action and their ”Think Before You Pink” campaign. They call what happens each October “pinkwashing;” defined as when “a company or organization claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink product,” and raising money to fight cancer.

Other questions have been raised regarding Susan G. Komen, with critics pointing to the amount they donate compared to what is paid out to their executives. breaks down the group at this link.

A quick Google search brings up a mix of material that is for and against Susan G. Komen. What is clear is that WWE is very much for the organization, teaming up once again to create pink merchandise. They are also encouraging their fans to join them in the fight. CM Punk is against the organization and has directed people to MMA personality Paul Lazenby. Lazenby also stands in opposition of Susan G. Komen, in which he explains on Twitter.

The bottomline is WWE’s relationship with Susan G. Komen has created some controversy, controversy their former 434-day champion isn’t scared to bring to the forefront. The rest will be up to the people that choose to support or not support organizations that go pink.

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