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CM Punk "Injury" Update, Vince Doesn't Appear, Wyatt's Next Victim, Another SummerSlam Bout

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CM Punk "Injury" Update

After the angle with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar on this week's Monday Night Raw, WWE posted the following "injury update" on Punk on dot com:

In what sounds more like an injury report from a car crash than a fistfight, medical officials have told that Punk suffered whiplash and strained ligaments in his left knee and right ankle. Punk’s ribs are also bruised, potentially broken, as a result of the attack.

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News & Notes from WWE Raw

Vince McMahon didn't appear on WWE Raw as advertised. This was believed to be a result of one of the several show re-writes that I'll have more on shortly.

For those that missed this week's WWE Raw, The Wyatt Family destroyed R-Truth as their second "victim." The "attack" was also to "send a message" to Kane.

Rumored SummerSlam Bout

As we reported here on Premium, the current plan is to do Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E Lagnston w/AJ Lee at SummerSlam. The angle on Raw with Langston taking out Ziggler was seen as the start of the program.

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