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CM Punk Involved In Airport Incident In St. Louis; Ricardo Rodriguez Reacts

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There was an incident involving WWE Champion CM Punk Sunday night at the airport in St. Louis, Missouri. Apparently a fan rudely requested an autograph from Punk and resulted in Punk rejecting him. This reportedly caused another fan to react angrily that resulted in Punk throwing the fan's autograph book in the trash.

TSA had to get involved, with Punk visibly upset at the behavior of the fans. Punk wrote the following about the incident on Twitter:

" data-datetime="2012-07-23T03:17:22+00:00">July 23, 2012

">Feel_My_Burner: @

Unacceptable behavior.

— Coach (@CMPunk) July 23, 2012

">CMPunk Get bombarded at the airport?”One person ruins it for everybody. Sorry y'all. — CM Punk (@CMPunk)

@Feel_My_Burner: @CMPunk Get bombarded at the airport?”
One person ruins it for everybody. Sorry y'all.

— Coach (@CMPunk) July 23, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-07-23T03:25:05+00:00">July 23, 2012

Ricardo Rodriguez witnessed the incident and wrote the following on Twitter:

" data-datetime="2012-07-23T03:31:25+00:00">July 23, 2012

" data-datetime="2012-07-23T03:32:18+00:00">July 23, 2012

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