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CM Punk Isn't Going To TNA, Let's Move On Together

On Monday, January 27, 2014 CM Punk met with Vince McMahon and Triple H backstage at Raw in Cleveland, Ohio and quit WWE. The details regarding what exactly happened [or what was said] are still unclear to this day but a frustrated and burned out Punk, possibly suffering from a concussion and a staph infection, decided to end his tenure with the company. He had approximately 6 months left on his Performer's Contract and was in the creative plans for Wrestlemania XXX.

Since then, much has been written and recorded, attempts have been made at reconciliation and every time someone mentions Punk the rumors come out of the woodwork. No matter how many times it's written that Punk has retired from the wrestling business, the ridiculousness ensues. Perhaps it's because Punk didn't give his fans closure or his real life wife - AJ Lee - is the current WWE Divas Champion. His name is still frequently chanted at WWE shows and he's still linked with other pro wrestling companies no matter how far-fetched the rumors are.

Each Wednesday, a barrage of news posts are made at wrestling websites across the Internet, attributed to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This Wednesday, a report surfaced that TNA had made a play at CM Punk to become the company's top star. Rather than beating around the bush and just saying it was "out there," let's just take a look at the report.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA recently made a play for CM Punk.

This was done similar to how they reached out to Alberto Del Rio, through an intermediary who is friends with Punk. The idea pitched was said to be a huge deal for Punk to be the top star of the company with pay similar to what Hulk Hogan was making. The idea is that Punk could be TNA's flagship star and if he signs now, he could help get a strong TV deal.

Punk reportedly expressed no interest in working in pro wrestling again.

Now, let me first state I have no intention to try and discredit Dave Meltzer, or play the role of the self-righteous "correction" police. It's not my job to go around the Internet, finding what's true and what's not or disparage another publication. Everyone has a reason for writing what they write and who am I to judge? Write what you want, read what you want. I truly don't care because my focus is

However, it's time to move on from CM Punk. Not just the fans that chant his name in the arena but the websites that write about him in ridiculous scenarios.

I'm sure TNA Wrestling would love to have CM Punk, just as I'm sure WWE would love to have CM Punk.

However, he's made it abundantly clear he's finished. Donzo. Retired. Punk, by all accounts, left a tremendous amount of money on the table when he had an enormous amount of leverage to re-sign with WWE. He could have secured a top main event spot at Wrestlemania 30. He could still come back. However, the ball is in his court and he wants to move on.

Here it is from the man himself.

What more needs to be said? Do we really need another report that will generate lots of clicks, shares and interest but with absolutely no basis to it.

Are you saying CM Punk isn't going to TNA Wrestling?

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

What makes you so sure?

TNA let AJ Styles, Sting and Hulk Hogan go when they wouldn't take pay cuts. These are three workers they poured a tremendous amount of money and resources in. So now, at a time when they still don't have a domestic TV deal, they're going to break the bank on CM Punk?

I just don't buy it. I don't care what anyone says or writes or whatever. It makes zero sense and is irresponsible to believe otherwise.

If CM Punk comes out and says Dixie Carter personally called him and offered him a contract then I'll cover it and we can collectively shake our heads together. Otherwise, I'm completely writing this report off. I believe it's time for the business to move on from CM Punk. Not because we want to but because we have to. Punk gave us some great memories but it's time to escape what is now turning into the ultimate state of denial.

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