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CM Punk On Whether Or Not WWE Has Changed Since His Promo

Mark Madden conducted an outstanding interview with CM Punk on Wednesday. Since there was so much in it, we've broken it up into several different posts. In the below excerpt, Punk was asked if WWE has changed since he "walked out" with the WWE title in the summer of 2011. Below was his response:

"Well it's one of those interesting things. Here's what I love about the climate of the business right now. You have me going out there and saying I want the WWE to change and I want ice cream bars. I did that as a good guy. To this day there are still people that are still pissed off they didn't get them ice cream bars. They don't realize that part of it is design that as a bad guy, I was lying to them.

"I don't know what change that they thought was going to happen… I really don't know but we really got 'em on that one. It's a television show first and foremost. So for me to go out there and say I want change and I want this and I want that is to rally people behind me and piss them off eventually when they didn't get their ice cream."

Click here to listen to the interview in its entirety.

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