CM Punk On Why He's Not Excited For Cena vs. Rock II, Reaction To Being Called An Average Looking Pedestrian By Cena, If He Feels Guilty About Paul Bearer Angle


Sam Roberts interviewed CM Punk following Thursday's Wrestlemania 29 press conference.

Punk didn't mince words, saying he's not excited about John Cena vs. The Rock [at Wrestlemania 29] and he would be more excited if he was facing John. He said Dolph Ziggler should say he should be more excited if it were him and Rock. Punk feels certain media outlets will pick and choose certain things he says and then just kind of label him an "awful malcontent." He said he understandS the business "way more than they do" but he also understands personal goals. The former 434-day WWE Champion said where he is, is great but he always wants to be one step higher.

Regarding Cena calling him an "average-looking pedestrian" at the Wrestlemania 29 press conference, Punk said it didn't hurt his feelings and that was the whole point. He said that's why he didn't wear a suit. Punk said everyone just wants to please Vince and he just wants to be comfortable.

Mark Henry asked Punk why he's wearing an Antonio Cesaro shirt. Punk said because Antonio Cesaro is awesome and he likes to represent people that don't necessarily get the representation they deserve.

Punk doesn't feel guilty about Paul Bearer and is incapable of feeling guilt or any sort of remorse. He said he's a legitimate sociopath and that helps him do his job. Punk said "I didn't kill the guy" so he doesn't have anything to feel bad about. He said from talking with everyone that knew Bearer very, very well they say he would have loved the storyline.

Roberts told Punk about The Miz saying he felt like a fool for putting him over in the "Best in the World" DVD only for Punk to reveal he nearly quit the company because Miz main evented Wrestlemania 27. Roberts then asked if The Undertaker was the right match for him to be in this year. Punk said he puts too much pressure on himself and echoed comments from last week.

You can watch the entire in its entirety at this link or embedded in the video below:

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