CM Punk Plays Word Association - Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, Himself & Paul Heyman


CM Punk was on SportsTalk Live in Chicago on Tuesday prior to his appearance at the Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. He opened the appearance by talking about Chicago sports and wrestling and transitioned to a game of word association. Below is recap of that:

Daniel Bryan: Second best wrestler in the world

John Cena: Company man

Brock Lesnar: Challenging

Randy Orton: (after a pause) Money in the Bank

CM Punk: I would probably say a bunch of self deprecating negative stuff. You know, he's got a double chin. He's kind of fat. He talks too much, you know. His face is all scarred up.

Paul Heyman: Paul Heyman is a bad egg. I'd like to see Paul Heyman try to run the bases.

You can watch the appearance at this link.

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