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CM Punk Responds To Vince McMahon's Apology, Talks The Rock Texting Him

CM Punk returned to Colt Cabana’sThe Art of Wrestling podcast to follow-up on last week’s episode where he told all about his departure from WWE. Below are some notes:

Punk explained he wanted to do the podcast with Colt to tell his story because so many people were calling him a quitter and saying he walked out on the fans.

He will continue to use the name “CM Punk” in his work with Marvel.

Punk said he watches AJ Lee’s work because she’s his wife but hasn’t watched wrestling in three years.

He talked about fans continuing to chant his name, explaining they do it when AJ Lee is in the ring or when something awful is happening. Punk can see both sides of the argument but he doesn’t want fans chanting his name at guys busting their ass but people that buy a ticket can chant what they want. He just doesn’t want people to chant it at his friends, only the people that suck and wear lifts in their boots.

They talked about the reaction from within WWE about last week’s podcast. The results were mixed from the WWE yes men that want to say “screw you” to the people that agreed with him and just can’t say anything.

Punk said Vince McMahon’s apology on Monday night was a publicity stunt. He doesn’t believe his release on his wedding day as a coincidence and accused WWE of maliciously trying to ruin a special day. Punk said Vince could have called him or texted him or even came to his house and apologized. He reiterated the stuff on Monday was a publicity stunt.

He said WWE contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. In his case, it was all about a settlement about what they could and couldn’t do. His lawyers expedited the process to set him free. Punk talked about Alberto Del Rio wrestling outside of WWE because you can’t put a no-compete clause on an independent contractor.

CM Punk said The Rock texted him on Thanksgiving and said all Punk’s fans were upset at him. Punk told Rock about explaining his departure on Cabana’s podcast and told him he didn’t think he said anything negative about working with him. Punk said fans were probably upset because he dropped the title to Rock and Rock was super cool about everything.

Ryback was brought up again. Punk said he was told he’d never have to work him again but got begged to and got hurt again. After that, he was feuding with The Wyatt Family but he couldn’t learn and teach at the same time because he was so beat up.

Punk told a story about getting pulled from a scheduled appearance at Wizard World Comic Con in Nashville, Tennessee in 2013 (we detailed it here). He said he learned he was pulled from Twitter and called the WWE office and was told he was needed for the tour of Mexico. He was going to get paid $20,000 that weekend for four hours of work and told them his check for the tour needed to match it. He was going to get $5000 from WWE, working hardcore main events against Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman for four nights. Punk said he brought the check to Raw and told officials to fix it. They paid him $4000 more.

CM Punk talked about meeting with Slim Jim about being the face of their brand like Randy Savage was. When WWE got involved, they told Slim Jim to use Rey Mysterio, Eve Torres and Big Show instead. Punk recalled seeing an email exchange he wasn’t supposed to see about WWE trying to Sheamus on the cover of a video game over him. He said he was friends with the cast of LA Ink but the WWE office put Randy Orton on the show instead.

Punk appreciates the sentiment of Vince McMahon apologizing but it wasn’t sincere. He said Vince knew about the problem since June and if he really felt bad, he would have apologized then. He said Vince just wanted a camera on him and to do damage control.

Punk thanked his fans for supporting him while he wrestled and buying his merchandise. He said he had to wait this long to tell the story due to legal reasons but it got out when it could. He apologized to anyone he offended but said there’s a chance they might need to lighten up.

You can listen to the podcast in its entirety in the player embedded below:

If you missed last week’s podcast where Punk told all, you can read our recap at this link or listen in the player embedded below:

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