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CM Punk Says He Probably Returned From Injury Too Early, Would Love To Take Time Off

CM Punk was recently interviewed by Ariel Helwani of, and discussed a number of topics, including his match with The Rock, his character's direction, MMA, his feelings on being left off of WrestleMania posters, and more. Punk and Helwani have the following exchange regarding Punk's recent knee injury:

Helwani: "How's the knee?"
Punk: "The knee's all right."
Helwani: "How'd you come back so quickly?"
Punk: "I'm stupid."
Helwani: "You shouldn't have come back so quickly?"
Punk: "Probably not."
Helwani: "Do you feel the effects of that?"
Punk: "Yeah, absolutely. It looks like I have a second kneecap on my knee - scar tissue and stuff like that."
Helwani: "Will you need to take time off at some point?"
Punk: "Need?"
Helwani: "Do you want to?"
Punk: "I would love to."
Helwani: "Maybe after April? You can't take time off now, this is-"
Punk: "I can technically do what I want, but I don't know if April is the season to try to take time off. WrestleMania and everything like that. The biggest show of the year, the biggest money-making show of the year, you obviously want a piece of that."
Helwani: "How close to 100% are you right now?"
Punk: "I don't think I was 100% before my surgery, you know what I mean? My knee is better now than it was. I tore my knee up in September against John Cena in Boston Garden. It's better now than it was, but y'know, that's a relative term. I don't know what 100% means anymore."

Click here to watch the full interview.

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