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CM Punk Shoots On Part-Time Talent, Targets The Miz's Comments

Mark Madden interviewed CM Punk on Wednesday and asked him about being one of the few top guys in WWE that's there every week. Madden asked him if it sucked or if he wanted to be there every week. Below is Punk's response:

"If I didn't want to be there every week, I wouldn't be there every week. And I'm the only guy that says that. The Miz will go out there and say, 'no it's great having these guys back and blah, blah blah' because, you know, I truly believe he thinks he has to say that.

"The honest reality of it is you bust your ass for 365 days of the year and there's other people that come in and don't work as hard and maybe get paid the same amount of money.

"So to me, as a business man, it just makes me look at it and go, 'OK that's the deal I need to get.' I need to get that deal where I work 15 days a year. You know what I mean? It makes me work harder though and dammit that's going to burn me out."

You can listen to the full interview at this link.

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