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CM Punk Talks Taking A Punch, Feeling Like An Athlete As A Pro Wrestler

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    Original: has a new article online featuring quotes from CM Punk, where he talks about his transition from WWE to UFC. Below are the highlights:

Can CM Punk take a punch?

"I suppose the easy answer to what Brock's shortcomings were that he probably needed to spar more," Brooks told "Everyone always likes to say Brock hated getting hit in the face. I don't know who likes getting hit in the face, but I guess he did need to work on his stand-up defense.

"You get punched in the nose, your eyes water. When it happens, will I turn around and run? No, that's not going to happen. I'm going to do my best to avoid that punch, but if it lands, I'll be OK."

Feeling like an athlete as a pro wrestler and not so much:

"That's a fascinating question," Brooks said. "I think it varies. Some days, I felt like, 'Yeah, what we do makes us athletes.' And then there were situations when I'd feel pretty silly about what I was doing -- if you've got to dress up like Santa or you're getting beat up by Santa. You're watching part of the show, thinking it's a little suspect.' Overall, pro wrestling is no joke, though. Everybody in it is an athlete to some degree.

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