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CM Punk Tells All About WWE Departure

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CM Punk has finally opened up about why he chose to leave WWE in a new two hour interview on Colt Cabana'sArt of Wrestling podcast. There is so much to the interview and given the fact it is Thanksgiving Day in America, I'm going to make some notes but I want to point everyone to the podcast itself, which is available at this link.

Below are some notes:

Punk said there is an element of truth to being disgruntled about his created direction, his health, plans to work Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 but it wasn't any one thing that caused his departure.

He said he despises the term "pipe bomb" because everyone uses it in reference to promos now.

Punk pointed to the double standard in WWE on multiple occasions. He talked about Vince McMahon refusing to sign off on sponsor money for him but Brock Lesnar having sponsors on his ring gear. Punk said he would pitch ideas to Vince, get told no, and John Cena would end up doing it a week later.

He talked about the lack of transparency and communication regarding the WWE Network.

When The Rock came back, he wanted to work a strong heel. Punk was given the chance to turn heel or drop the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan. He claimed he was told if he turned and did the job to The Rock (at Royal Rumble 2013), he would be owed one. Punk said it wasn't a big sacrifice and did try to get into the Wrestlemania 29 main event, making Cena vs. Rock II a three-way. He ended up getting booked against The Undertaker.

Punk said The Shield was his idea and they wanted a heel stable that included Big Show, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, as well as himself. They wanted three guys from developmental so Punk pitched Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Chris Hero. Triple H vetoed Hero for Roman Reigns. Punk was originally planned to be paired with The Shield.

Punk called Ryback a "steroid guy." He said Ryback kicked him in the stomach so hard during a match he broke his ribs and never apologized. Punk said Ryback is so green that he took years off his life.

He admitted to working Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 with a chip on his shoulder. Punk knew they were going to steal the show and said WWE admitted they should have closed. Punk said he demanded they should pay him like he went on last and didn't.

Punk wanted to work Curtis Axel to help elevate him but they booked him with Ryback over and over again. He talked about being bitter about Ryback injuring him with the guerrilla press spot where he missed the table. Punk said that's one of the things he's bitter about (Editor's note: This actually resulted in a huge backstage blowup that we detailed the day after it happened on WNW Premium).

He crapped his pants at a Smackdown taping last year, something he Tweeted about. Punk was told he couldn't Tweet like that and had to delete it. Punk admitted to blocking the verified WWE Twitter account.

Punk said when he got to Raw in Cleveland the night after Royal Rumble 2014, he was asked to take a drug test. It infuriated him and he demanded they take care of all his health issues. Instead, they wanted him to take the drug test and sign a bunch of papers. Punk said that was when he decided he was done.

He said Triple H told him that Batista took the drug test they were asking him too. Punk asked Hunter if he took it and got no response. Punk talked about meeting with Triple H and Vince at Raw in Cleveland that night. He talked about outselling Cena before he turned heel upon management's request. He talked about working dangerous guys upon result. He told them they said he owed him and all he wanted was the main event at Wrestlemania. Punk said he told them it's fine if they don't see him as that caliber of a superstar but they need to fire him. He said he told them they had "shackled" him and stifled him creatively. Punk said it was a toxic environment and he no longer wanted to be there.

Punk recalled telling Vince and Hunter off over not putting Daniel Bryan in the main event at Wrestlemania and compared it to them feeding him to Triple H two years prior. He pointed to Hunter and Vince said that was just to the concussion talking. Vince said working Triple H -- at Wrestlemania 30 -- was like the main event. Punk told Hunter he didn't want to wrestle him and that he resented him for not putting him over three years ago. Punk said he didn't care he was supposed to go over Triple H at Wrestlemania. He didn't want to give him the privilege.

Punk said he believes Triple H thinks he is a "piece of shit," after recalling how he would always "look sideways" at him and the way he always treated him.

Punk said Vince had tears in his eyes before he walked out. He hugged Vince and shook Triple H's hand before saying "goodbye" and walking out.

He revealed he went to a doctor in Tampa Bay that diagnosed him with a staph infection -- that was causing the mass on his back. He was given antibiotics and told he could have died from working three months with it.

After resting and feeling better, Vince told Punk he was suspended for two months. He recalled hearing about Vince telling investors on a conference call that he was "on a sabbatical." It was at that point Punk realized he hadn't received a royalty check

Punk said he was fired by WWE released on his wedding day. He said they sent him a letter via FedEx saying he was in breach of his contract on January 27th and forfeiting his royalties. Punk said there was a non-compete agreement t for UFC in it.

He said before going on his honeymoon he talked to his lawyer and his lawyer agreed they should go after WWE. Punk said he settled and got everything he wanted and then some.

WWE wanted him to sign a non-disparagement agreement but said he told them they were the ones talking, not him. Punk said they are the ones that went out in Chicago on live TV and called him a quitting. Punk said he would consider the agreement if they went to Chicago, apologized and admitted that Punk didn't quit, he was fired.

Punk said WWE was worried that he was going to TNA Wrestling but his lawyer told them he isn't interested and despises professional wrestling now. Punk said he won't working for WWE ever again.

He said he has come to terms with failing to main event Wrestlemania.

There's a lot more to this but it's Thanksgiving Day and I have to get to dinner. Give it a listen, I'm sure we'll have more from this in the coming days.

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