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CM Punk On the Trial, Suing Doctor for Legal Fees


At the conclusion of the recent trial with WWE doctor Chris Amann suing CM Punk for libel after Punk told stories about Amann's shortcomings as a physician, the courts ruled in favour of Punk and he was not forced to pay any fees. However, Punk did incur quite a large number of legal fees himself just for the trial and was asked if he would counter-sue Amann to cover the money he spent on it:

"I don't think it's my style. I don't know know what I'm going to do. This whole experience has taught me a lot... I'm on the fence. Money is just paper, but that was my life's work. I do think it was intentionally done to bleed me of money. It's over, and there's a big part of me like, it's over. Just leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you. That's how negative that situation is, and I don't want anything to do with it. I just want to be over here and be happy [motions to his right], so I'll probably just stay over here and be happy."

Punk also noted that he lost control of his emotions when the verdict was read:

"When you're waiting for a judge to utter words that could literally decide the course of the rest of your life - and I didn't contemplate about what happens if I lose, because losing wasn't an option not for any other reason than that I told the truth - but the legal system can be confusing. Having sat there for days and days, and listen to the way they try to bend things to fit certain laws that are just confusing... I'm out of my element and I'm sitting there just scared out of my mind."

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