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CM Punk's Thoughts On Abortion, Says He's Never Taken A Pain Pill In His Life, Waiting To See What Happens With Fan Incident At Raw

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We noted here on that CM Punk "refused" to address the fan incident on WWE Raw a couple weeks ago during a radio appearance Thursday on Rover's Morning Glory. While he refused to disclose specifics, Punk did mildly address the issue. Below are the highlights of the interview:

  • Punk opened the interview with an especially weird lead-in as the hosts were discussing abortion. Punk said his view on abortion is silver haired men over the age of 50 have no place deciding what a woman can do with her body.
  • He said he's never taken a pain pill in his life, not even when he fractured his skull ten years ago.
  • The host asked Punk if WWE sat him down and read him the riot act over the fan incident in the crowd at Raw a few weeks ago. He said they responded in a like manner and it's something they all feel won't happen again. Punk confirmed he hasn't watched the tape because he "lived it."
  • When asked if he had contact with the person he hit, he said it's out of his hands and he's waiting to see what happens.
  • The host politely pressed the issue and said WWE must have done something in which Punk brushed it off by saying it all depends on the situation.

The interview is currently available for listen in audio format at this link.

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