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CMT Hosting Stone Cold Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge, WWE Stars Attend Opening Of Special Olympics

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The Miami Herald is reporting that CMT will be hosting Stone Cold Steve Austin's newest television show Broken Skull Challenge. The ten episode series will premiere at 9pm ET on Sunday, July 6. Below is a description of the series:

The brain-child of pro wrestling icon Stone Cold Steve Austin, the 10-episode series pits elite athletes against everyday men and women in the ultimate test of strength, stamina and wit. Each episode features eight contestants in head-to-head battles, until the last man or woman standing earns the right to take on the toughest obstacle course in America created by Austin himself, the “Skullbuster,” for a chance to win cash.

“Broken Skull Challenge” combines his fierce love for physical competition with extreme challenges using the core tenants from such current fitness trends as CrossFit and Spartan Race. Austin’s half-mile “Skullbuster” features 10 obstacles designed to stop even the most hardcore athletes, built to progressively break the body down. Everyone’s equal at the ranch, as women find themselves subject to the same punishment as men.

CMT housed Austin's Redneck Island show for three seasons. You can check out the full article at this link!

Stars Representing WWE In Special Olympics Opening

WWE stars David Otunga and The Big Show attended the opening ceremony for the Special Olympics this past weekend. Each addressed the crowd. You can see the pictures of them at the event below:

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— WWE Community (@WWECommunity) June 15, 2014

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— WWE Community (@WWECommunity) June 15, 2014

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— WWE Community (@WWECommunity) June 15, 2014

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