Cody Rhodes Challenges Morgan Freeman, The Rock Talks Pain & Gain

Cody Rhodes Challenges Morgan Freeman

Cody Rhodes vs. Morgan Freeman? It's a match Rhodes would welcome, according to comments made to Sowetan Live. So why Freeman?

Cody explained, "because I feel like I could win because he's old; although I'm sure he's tough. But then we could sell it and he could narrate the match, like he narrates everything. He could explain everything because he's such a great storyteller he could tell the story of me beating him. That would be wonderful."

The Rock on Being Jacked For Pain & Gain

USA Today interviewed The Rock and Mark Wahlberg about their roles in "Pain & Gain." In it, they talked about bulking up for their roles and maintaining it for continuity. You can check it out at this link or embedded in the video below:



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