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Cody Rhodes Discusses How His Protective Mask Saved His Life, Why He Went So Long Without Kneepads, The Best Advice He's Received, More

Cody Rhodes recently did an interview with Brian Soscha on MixPhiladelphia and discussed his time with Hardcore Holly, why he went without kneepads for so long, bringing back the classic Intercontinental Championship, and more. In the following excerpt, Rhodes discusses his protective facemask and how it may have saved his life while taking a move from Randy Orton:

"Honestly, I learned the commitment from masked Cody Rhodes. The level of commitment I had to that was probably where I learned more about myself than anywhere else in my career. I felt more like myself under that mask. I was telling someone else this the other day. When the mask was removed, I felt like Master Chief. I felt like something was wrong with my face. This was real. My face was all un-tanned because I'd been wearing the mask so long. It was such an edge to me to have that mask and it saved my life, actually, to have that mask.

"The very last night I had it, Randy Orton kicked me so hard in what was supposed to be an unbreakable, Dr. Murray designed - the same doctor that made Kobe (Bryant) and Rip Hamilton's mask - it was supposed to be unbreakable but it had a huge beak on it because it was for a broken nose. He cracked it straight down the middle. Had I not been wearing that mask, I might be dead. I mean it - he kicked me so hard and that was the last night I had it."

The interview is embedded below:

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