Cody Rhodes On Career Nose Dive, WWE Main Event Highlights


Cody Rhodes & His Career Nose Dive

ESPN'sJon Robinson spoke to Cody Rhodes before Wrestlemania 29 and included some quotes in this week's WWE Power Rankings. Below is an excerpt:

“Gosh, this has been a horrible run,” Rhodes said as we talked about his career earlier this month before WrestleMania 29 in East Rutherford, N.J. “I feel like after Money in the Bank in Phoenix, I almost took a nose dive, career-wise. I couldn’t get the reigns on it, but I feel like I finally got the reigns on my career again, and that happens in entertainment. As much as I’m excited about seeing John Cena and The Rock, it can’t always be John Cena and The Rock, and I just hope that I can continue to grow. I’ll be 28 this summer, and I’d really like to continue furthering my career, whether it’s teaming with Damien [Sandow], or it’s back in a singles capacity.

“It’s funny, because before Rhodes Scholars, I had zero interest in doing another tag team, but I’ve really enjoyed Damien’s company. I have a different outlook on sports entertainment than Damien does, and it makes for fun TV. I’ve never really been good at the comedy elements of the business. I’ve always looked at the business in a more serious, stern fashion like the guys I grew up liking, and I’m just not a funny guy. But Damien is, and he’s also a really tough bastard, and I like that.”

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WWE Main Event Videos

Below are video highlights from this week's episode of WWE Main Event:

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