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Cody Rhodes On His Mustache, Wants The WWE Title, Feels Ready

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The Pitch out of Kansas City, Missouri has a new article online featuring quotes from Cody Rhodes. Below is an excerpt:

Idea for the mustache:

Well, my fiancée is sitting right next to me, and she hates the mustache. So I don't know if it's as fantastic as you say, but thank you very much. It was mine, but it wasn't really this huge overreaching grand design. The only time that I've ever been injured in my career - I had x amount of days that I didn't have to be on television, and in that time I grew, originally, a very poor mustache. It's grown into being rather full-bodied now. It was something that when I came back, everyone appreciated the fact my partner at the time, Damien Sandow, had the massive 19th-century beard, and I had the mustache with the intent of taking it away from the modern hipster and putting a little civility back into it.

Why he wrestles:

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I don't do this for the money. I'd like to headline multiple WrestleManias, and I'd like to be WWE champion, and I'd like to be world heavyweight champion. Anything that describes the top of my field at the time is where I'd like to be. It's kind of ambiguous because what we do is entertainment, but certainly those top-tier titles are not something that are given. They're earned. That's where I'd like to be.

Is he ready?:

I think so. The WWE Universe, they've seen me grow up on their television. I didn't show up a fully polished superstar. I showed up rather undersized and underwhelming and had to grow. People who thought that they might move ahead of me, I moved ahead of them. It's been quite a ladder to climb already, but I think in their eyes that I'm ready, and that's all that matters because they truly dictate what's happening on television, and that's a good thing.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

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