Cody Rhodes Says WWE Tribute To The Troops Is Even More Important Than Wrestlemania


The New York Daily News has a new article online today featuring quotes from WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. In the piece, Rhodes explained the importance of WWE Tribute to the Troops. Below is an excerpt:

“I won’t lie to you; I choked up,” he said, when he saw the WWE performers and other stars mingling with troops after the show.

“You try to give your best show every night,” said Wallace, “but for this you want to give your better-than-best show. I have about five hours of material and I tried to do my best seven minutes.”

Rhodes said the troop salute, which WWE has been doing for nine years, is one of the most important things the organization does.

“You work all year to be on Wrestlemania,” he said. “This kind of sneaks up on you. But when you get there, you realize this is even more important, because it’s for the troops. It’s real.”

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