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Complete Injury Update On John Cena With Photo

John Cena suffered a right eye injury in his match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at Saturday night's WWE live event in Orlando, Florida. As a result of the injury, Cena was pulled from Sunday's WWE live event in Kansas City, Missouri.

Saturday's match was actually stopped for a brief moment, while Cena was checked out by WWE's medical personnel. After it was determined Cena was OK, the match continued without consequence. However, the swelling likely got worse over night and caused his removal from Sunday's card in Kansas City.

A fan photo of Cena surfaced on Twitter on Sunday where he was seen having lunch with his girlfriend Nikki Bella where his eye was completely swollen shut. We've also included that photo below:

Randy Orton opened Sunday's WWE live event in Kansas City, announcing Cena was injured in their match on Saturday night. Orton took credit, saying he busted Cena's eye and hoped he'd never see again. He told the crowd the company was offering refunds through the second match. In-character, Orton said he was going to grab some Divas and some beer and go back to the the hotel and watch the Super Bowl.

Orton did end up working in the main event against Daniel Bryan, where he went over in a steel cage match.

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