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Complete Recap Of DDP On HBO's "Real Sports" With Richard Reacts

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Jake "The Snake" Roberts

HBO sent us an advance screener of Tuesday night's segment of Diamond Dallas Page on "Real Sports" with Bryant Gumbel. Below is a complete review:

The segment starts with Jake Roberts, Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Hall watching old matches of themselves on a flat screen in the "Accountability Crib" in Atlanta. The piece says the fact they are still alive defies the odds.

"That’s because one in four of the biggest names from wrestling’s boom twenty-five years ago, are now dead…lives cut short by the brutal culture of extremes that came with their job…"

They flashed images of Rick Rude, Davey Boy Smith, Curt Hennig, Macho Man Randy Savage, Brian "Crush" Adams and Bam Bam Bigelow.

Roberts said he got rid of the mirrors in his house because he wanted to "punch that son of a bitch." He said he wanted to die and begged God for death. Roberts said at a very young age he learned how to manipulate people. He told "Real Sports" correspondent Frank Deford he's lying to him right now because he's afraid that he's going to hurt him.

When he was on top, Roberts said he used everything he could to fight back his fears that he deserved his spot. From drugs to booze, he admitted to using everything. Roberts said he was waiting to die until Diamond Dallas Page called.

They show footage of DDP's road to the top in WCW. DDP said it was Roberts that gave him the knowledge when no one else believed in him. Jake said he taught him how to read people, "psychology, some sick shit." DDP recalls that the most important thing Roberts taught him was to take control of his own destiny.

HBO recapped DDP's rise at the age of 35. DDP said his ex-wife brought him yoga when he went down with a back injury. He said when he started to do it, he felt a significant difference. DDP said he kept doing his rehab but one night he mixed the two. This is how DDP Yoga was created.

Page says it cured him and led to his World Heavyweight Championship reign. DDP turned to DDP Yoga after his retirement from the ring to start a new life. They showed footage of one of his classes.

DDP gives classes for free at his Atlanta home, while others buy the DVD. They talked about DDP Yoga not making any sense because they don't mix. DDP said he took all of the spiritual "mumbo jumbo" out and added his own twist.

Page "rushed" to Roberts' side after their phone call last fall. DDP talked about how brittle Roberts was when he first got there. Page told him if he lost 20 pounds he would move him to Atlanta. They cut to a clip of a morning yoga class with Roberts. They talked about Roberts getting off drugs and alcohol and discussed the "Accountability Crib."

Roberts said he realized this was his absolute last chance. He said he's "never leaving" and you'll never get his ass out of there.

They said they knew there was someone else that needed it more than anyone and someone else they were both shocked that was still alive. They rolled a clip of DDP & Jake's first phone call to Hall.

Hall said he doesn't remember the phone call and was just babbling because he was drunk out of his mind. They showed vintage footage of Razor Ramon and Hall discussed Ramon not having any problems and that Razor continued to live when Scott wasn't happy.

Scott said he tried everything to stop drinking and discussed his twelve trips to in-patient rehab. DDP said they told him they had a room and to come on up.

Hall said he's been sober ever since and he's lost 50 pounds. He said he spends every day at the gym and they talked about Scott training his son Cody to be a pro wrestler.

"Real Sports" correspondent Frank Deford said as much as wrestling took from Hall, he can't stay away. They showed clips of Roberts making independent appearances.

DDP said Hall was in so much pain he was trying to drink himself to death. Page acknowledged he's like an evangelist because he believes in what he's selling,

They acknowledge that there is always the risk of relapse but for now, they seem happy.

Richard Reacts: This was a short piece that raises awareness to the awesome work Diamond Dallas Page is doing with DDP Yoga. I wasn't a fan of the "doom and gloom" statistic that opened the segment and didn't think it was fair they used the photo of Randy Savage. Savage died in a car accident from cardiovascular disease, not from the issues that surrounded the troubled names they grouped him with. Nonetheless it would be naive to admit there isn't a problem, because there is. This was a good piece that you can watch Tuesday night on HBO at 9 PM ET/PT.

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