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Complete WWE Battleground Kickoff Results From Philadelphia

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Tye Dillinger

WWE Battleground Kickoff Results
Sunday, July 23, 2017
From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA
Report by CJ Blaze of

Renee Young welcomes us to the show as Jerry Lawler, Sam Roberts, and David Otunga are with her on the panel. Kayla Braxton is in the social media lounge as Mike and Maria will be taking questions later on.

A video on Cena vs. Rusev airs first. Dasha interviews Cena backstage. He says he's ready, but notes that the rules for tonight's Flag Match will be slightly different.

A package on the women's match airs next. Carmella joins the panel. She teases cashing in before SummerSlam. Carmella picks Natalya to win tonight. Sam picks Charlotte and King picks Nattie.

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens cut promos backstage on their rematch tonight after AJ's surprise win at MSG two weeks ago. The panel breaks it down as Roberts discusses being there to see AJ win it live. Lawler picks Owens, while Sam picks AJ.

Mike and Maria join Kayla in the social media lounge. Maria is asked when we'll see her in the ring again. Maria says she's always in the ring to help her man win. As far as Mike's strategy goes for tonight, he's going to do exactly what he did on Tuesday and punch him in the head as hard as he can. The couple are asked how one can find love in their life. Maria says you just have to wait for that special person to look you in the eyes, and you just know. But because only Maria has Mike, that feeling won't happen for anyone else because their love is one of a kind.

The panel runs down the card again before the kickoff match gets underway.

1) Aiden English def. Tye Dillinger via pinfall in 9:38.

Jinder Mahal arrives in a limo and cuts a promo in Punjab. A final hype package on the Punjabi Prison match airs.

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