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Confirmed: John Cena Medically Cleared To Compete

John Cena

John Cena is good to go, as he confirmed in an interview with that he’s medically cleared to compete for WWE. He was asked the question directly and he answered it with “Yes” he is medically cleared, also stating:

If you ask me today, I should’ve been back two weeks ago. I’ve logged almost 400 hours of physical therapy. I got 111 visits in 12 weeks time. I go every single second I can. People say I have a Wolverine-like style of recovery. I was given a nine month quota to come back and after three months I can tell you that I am ready to do anything asked of me possible. It’s a matter of when they call me.

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I hate to keep “tooting my horn” here but we confirmed here on Premium on February 21, 2016 that both Sting and John Cena were ready and willing to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. It’s extremely important to keep that in mind as we head into Sunday’s show. I would be shocked if Cena isn’t involved on the pay-per-view itself but I cannot confirm his involvement at press time.

In January, Cena underwent surgery to repair a complete tear of a small portion of his rear rotator cuff tendon and damage to his AC joint.

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