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Controversy Cleared Up Over CM Punk's Rating In EA UFC 2

CM Punk Signs w/UFC

There was a fairly big non-story that garnered an uproar on social media over the fighter rating of CM Punk on the upcoming EA UFC 2 video game. When it was learned Punk had an overall rating of 85, critics were quick to point out he hadn’t fought yet.

Punk’s rating was actually just a placeholder and he’s expected to have the lowest fighter rater in the game, at least initially. Once he makes his debut, it will be adjusted based on preference. Creative director Brian Hayes had more to say about it and answered other questions in a Twitch live stream that you can watch below:

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Remember when Brock Lesnar made the practice team for the Minnesota Vikings back in 2004? Well, he ended up making it in Madden 2005 as DLC. I can’t remember for sure but I believe he was also in Madden 2006. His rating was unimpressive, if not low, I really can't remember but it was pretty cool he was included in the game.

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