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Corey Graves Admits He Dislikes Enzo Amore, JBL Suggests Move To 205 Live

Corey Graves

On the latest episode of Bring it to the TableCorey Graves was asked point-blank about his opinion of Enzo Amore by Pete Rosenberg. Graves admitted that he doesn't like Enzo as a person but hopes that he is able to pull it all together and succeed because he continues to be valuable. Regarding Enzo as a person, he said:

“No! No I don’t like Enzo. He’s a fine guy, but… again, the guy you see on Monday nights, is that guy 24 hours a day. There’s no off switch. It rubs people the wrong way. If you’re on a European tour 12 days deep, and he’s going on and on and on about how he partied with the weekend in LA, you’re gonna get tired of hearing about it. There’s a limit, and when you’re on the road that much, that’ll wear on your nerves.”

JBL also chimed in and said that Enzo may be better suited on 205 Live. When asked if that was a demotion, JBL pointed out that Neville is on that show and is still one of the hottest heels in the company. Graves agreed with the move as well as putting Kalisto on that show as well.


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