Dana Warrior Provides Insight On WWE Repairing Its Relationship w/Warrior Family

Dana Warrior

Chris Jericho had Dana Warrior, the wife of The Ultimate Warrior, on his podcast this week. In it, she offered some perspective on Warrior as an everyday person, father and the legacy after his death. She also touched on the infamous WWE DVD project, “The Self-Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior.”

"It broke his heart, I’m not gonna lie. It broke his heart. And I think he said that someplace and I’m so glad that he did. I feel like I don’t have to protect something, like it hurt his feelings, it really did," Dana said

"It was such a categorical attack on who he was as a human being and like that wasn’t nice. It wasn’t nice. Was my husband perfect? Hell no."

"A lot of approaches he would ask why come back if he’s apparently self destructive, when all these other wrestlers were actually self destructive."

Dana talked about their business manager Steve Wilton encouraging Warrior to return to WWE, with Triple H also facilitating the deal.

"Paul (Triple H) reached out a hand. And he kept reaching out the hand, and reaching out the hand and reaching out the hand until my husband finally couldn’t deny he wanted to reach back."

You can listen the episode in its entirety at this link.

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