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Dana White Claims Brock Lesnar Nearly Returned To UFC For Super Fight

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UFC president Dana White is making headlines on wrestling websites after claiming that Brock Lesnar nearly returned to fight Fedor Emelianenko at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The MMA world speculates this is what Lesnar's "meeting" with White was about when Lesnar showed up at UFC 146 in May.

I'd love to play along here, but I'm not. Check the links below to catchup on what happened in May regarding Lesnar, WWE, Vince McMahon, UFC and Dana White:

More Details On Brock Lesnar’s Meeting With Dana White Regarding A UFC “Return” Last Saturday; Why The Meeting Wasn’t Completely Bogus & There Was A Slim Chance That He Would Take Another Fight With WWE’s Blessing, What Paul Heyman Pitched To Vince McMahon

Full Details On Brock Lesnar Meeting With Dana White Backstage At UFC 146 – Is Lesnar Really Leaving WWE To Return To The UFC Or Did He & Vince McMahon Work Dana White In An Angle That Has Grown To Massive Proportions?

Only in pro wrestling.

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