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Dana White Comments On CM Punk & Possible MMA Transition

UFC President Dana White was asked about CM Punk quitting WWE during media day for UFC 169 on Thursday. Below is a recap of his comments that can be heard at this link:

  • White said he was with CM Punk all night last Saturday night for UFC on Fox 10. He said he likes CM Punk a lot and that he's a nice guy.
  • When asked if Punk could start an MMA career at 35, White said 35 is a little late to get into the game but who knows if he can fight? When his training with the Gracies was brought up, White said, we'll see what happens.
  • Dana seemed to not completely understand the fact Punk walked out on WWE on Monday. He questioned the reporter, saying, "he quit?" And followed-up by saying Punk hadn't said a word to him.
  • White said CM Punk has not reached out to him and never said a word about it. He was with him on Saturday night, Punk just showed up and they talked about a lot of things but fighting was not one of them.

You can also watch the comments at the 37-minute mark of the video below:

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