Daniel Bryan Attends William Regal Show, Off-Air Notes From Raw

Daniel Bryan

- Wrestling News World reader Röbb Cartin attended William Regal's one man "My Life as a Wrestling Super Villain Part 2" show at the Fog and Bucket Pub after this week's Monday Night Raw taping in Manchester, England. Cartin said the surprise of the night came when Daniel Bryan turned up in the audience.

- Wrestling News World reader Jonathan Davies sent the following off-camera notes from this week's Raw taping:

A lot of the 'You Sold Out' chants during last night's Raw were for a guy in the crowd dressed as Kane who kept popping up in various parts of the crowd.

There was one particular incident of note during the Ryback/R-Truth match when the fan dressed as Kane and another fan dressed as Goldust decided to put on an impromptu 'match' in the crowd until security went to intervene and they both ran off in different directions. This is why you can see a lot of the fans looking over behind announce during that match. Security also appeared to have an increased presence from that point on as they looked for the two fans.

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