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Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Speak At Press Conference - How Bryan Apprehended The Burglary Suspect, The Latest On His Neck Injury, More

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella, along with their dog Josie, spoke at a conference with Phoenix police following an attempted burglary at their home earlier this week. Bryan explained the timeline of events, noting that he subdued one of the two alleged burglars with a rear naked choke (not a Yes Lock or Cattle Mutilation, as he said he was worried about getting sued).

He also noted that he was able to recover a box containing a bracelet from his late father that read "To the man that you've become and the son you'll always be." In addition, Bryan gave an update on his neck injury and an explanation of the second surgery that doctors want to have done, saying he only has about half the strength in his right arm that he does in his left arm.

He noted that they had only been living at the home for 10 days and had planned to put an alarm system in that Wednesday, but physical therapy appointments and his scheduled appearance at San Diego Comic Con pushed the plans back.

The video is available at this link and embedded below:

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