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Daniel Bryan Didn't Want AJ Lee Angle, Jericho Hacked

Daniel Bryan Surprises Creative

Former WWE creative team member Kevin Eck recently wrote a blog post about his ideas for Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee as a storyline couple during his time with the creative team.

In it, he reveals he was surprised when Bryan rejected the idea of being in a storyline with a Diva since he had done it previously with The Bella Twins and Gail Kim and felt it happened helped his career.

Below is an excerpt from Eck's piece:

One of the first ideas I pitched when I got there was a romantic story line for Bryan and AJ, neither of whom where doing much of anything. Bryan had won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to earn a contract for a World Heavyweight Title Match, but he was in the midst of a losing streak and I got the sense that he was going to be the first person to unsuccessfully cash in the MITB contract.

Other people on the team seemed to like the relationship idea, and I approached Bryan and AJ at TV one day to discuss it with them. AJ loved it, but Bryan's reaction surprised me.

He politely but firmly said he'd rather not be in a story line with a Diva since he had done one about a year earlier with the Bellas and Gail Kim and he felt it did nothing for his career.

Obviously, Bryan was overruled and they went with the angle, which eventually resulted in major success for both. You can read the latest from Eck at this link.

Chris Jericho Instagram Hacked

While not exactly breaking news, Chris Jericho’sInstagram account has been compromised. In other words, ignore posts from Jericho’s Instagram until he is able to rectify the situation by going through the proper security channels. Apparently his Twitter account was also hacked but there are no inappropriate posts that remain.

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