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Daniel Bryan Discusses Being Bumped Off The WrestleMania XXVII Card Last Year, Puts Over Top FCW Talent

Daniel Bryan did an interview with before last night's Smackdown taping and discussed a number of topics, including his veganism, being bumped off the WrestleMania XXVII card, the future stars of the company, and more. In the following excerpt, Bryan explains how he felt after his match with Sheamus last year was bumped to a pre-show match:

"That was so heartbreaking. Last year for Wrestlemania, I was supposed to be facing Sheamus for the United States Championship, and we got booted off the main card. We were on the show, but we were on before the pay-per-view went on the air. And this year, we're really looking for redemption. [...] It was so disappointing."

Bryan was also asked about who he thinks is the next big Superstar that no one is talking about yet, to which he replied:

"That's hard to say, because there's so many talented guys on our roster right now. But there's some guys in the developmental system that are absolutely phenomenal. My favorite is a guy named Dean Ambrose, who just has such a personality and he's so good in the ring. He hasn't even debuted on TV yet, but when he does, I think he's really gonna take people by surprise. I mean, he is just an awesome personality that people can really either love or hate, depending on how they play him."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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