Daniel Bryan Discusses Breakout Year, Interesting Convo Between John Cena & Steve Austin, Creation Of "Yes" Chant

Daniel Bryan

The Masked Man of Grantland.com has a new Q&A online with Daniel Bryan. Below are the highlights:

  • Bryan credited the Team Hell No tag team with Kane as to helping reveal his personality. He said that WWE fans have always appreciated his wrestling but it was the tag team that gave fans more of his personality.
  • He recalled a conversation that he had with John Cena when asked if he felt like he made it. Bryan said that John told him of a conversation he had with Steve Austin. Austin asked John how things were and pointed towards the upper deck of an arena being tarped off. Steve told him when he was there, those seat were full. Bryan said that motivated John. He also said if he got hurt today, he'd be satisfied with that he's done, however, he would have said that before he even got to WWE.
  • Bryan admitted that seeing footage of him younger is embarrassing. He talked about WWE showing footage of him competing at Shawn Michaels's old promotion. Bryan said he didn't just start out like this and had to work hard to get good.
  • He said the differences between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Bryan are many. At the end of his career with Ring of Honor, he was expected to win because of what he had accomplished as the master wrestler. In WWE, he's the underdog and with the size difference being so much greater, it wouldn't make sense not to be that way.
  • Bryan said he came up with the "Yes!" chant as well as the idea to grow out his beard.
  • He worked 219 shows last year and admitted he's anti-caffeine. Bryan said the best part of the night when he performs is taking a shower after a really good match where the crowd was on their feet the whole time. He said then "you feel completely satisfied."

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